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2023/2024 COMMITTEES

Committee Description Contact
FINANCIAL This committee includes financial experts who meet monthly to review Adcraft financial statements to ensure fiscal responsibility. Taryn Simon/ Treasurer, Lauren Hustek- ED, Accountant
D COUNCIL Established in August 2006, the mission of the D Council is to connect people and ideas in order to grow the Detroit area's creative community and celebrate our creative product. This is accomplished through our annual D Show. D Council members are professionally engaged in some segment of the marketing communications, advertising, creative, digital, media, production, music or craft industries in metropolitan Detroit. D Council activities are overseen by the D Council Chair, a two-year term. Chris Handyside (Leo). Past chair: Sue Mersch
DIVERSITY EQUALITY & INCLUSION (DEI) This committee provide thought leadership and cultural guidance to ensure Adcraft is mindful, respectful, and socially aware at all times. They build and develop at least two events with an eventual build toward 1x/quarter throughout the fiscal year. Focus on securing sponsorships to offset the cost of producing events, and to raise the critical funding needed to maintain Adcraft operations. DEI activities are overseen by the DEI Chair, a one-year term.
Barb Rozeman- Stokes, Kristen McCarty, and Brinn Phillips
Mentorship Program Mentor diverse college students interested in our industry to prepare for, locate and secure employment in the field of their interest. Provide students with a competitive advantage.
Build valuable, enduring relationships on mutual trust, empathy and caring.
La Murphy
EDUCATION This committee coordinates several annual programs and events for Adcraft members as well as college students. This committee also oversees the annual awarding of Adcraft Scholarship Fund scholarships give to deserving students at Michigan colleges and universities studying advertising or a related field. Please see below:
AdCon AdCon is a one-day conference in the fall where several hundred college students and young professionals learn about the industry and discover a variety of career options. Net proceeds go to the Adcraft Scholarship Fund. Timing: Fall 2024 Kristen McCarty
FutureCraft FutureCraft follows the same successful template as its big brother with an emphasis of focusing on high school students. Currently sponsored by Buick/ GM for the next 3 years, this program will offers guidance and a deeper understanding of advertising opportunities in and around Metro Detroit. Timing: 1/26/2024 Alanna Benway & Nick Coccia
ADvance Started in 1965, ADvance is a six month program in the spring where young professionals are exposed to different aspects of the industry, with practitioners providing a comprehensive overview of their area of expertise. Timing: 10-12 week program, Jan- June 2024 Jenn Huber & Jon Kovalcik
Executive Learning Series Executive Learning Series (ELS) take place opportunistically, and are designed to keep Adcraft members ahead of the curve with respect to new marketing trends and technologies. Timing: On-going Varies by program
Scholarships Since its beginning, Adcraft has awarded over $850,000 in scholarships to the next generation of marketing leaders. Application time frame kicks off in Feb. and are accepted for several months. Evaluation andwill take place prior to the June 13th, D Show, with and extended invite to our 17th annual event. Lisa Ann Rocha (non-BOD)
NOMINATING This committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President and is responsible for identifying and developing future candidates to be elected to the Board of Directors. Past President, Casey Hurbis + e-board
PROGRAMS/SPECIAL EVENTS These sub-committees handle several major events designed to foster involvement and camaraderie among our members. Responsibilities include the organization, promotion and execution of the events, including securing sponsors.This committee identifies prominent guest speakers for Adcraft programs secured through partnerships with clients, media agencies and publishers. Please see below:

Future of Auto (TBD) Robby Hukka

Oktoberfest (October '24) John Ballard

Family Friendly event YPC

Adcrafest Golf Outing (TBD) Don Miller

Artist Series/ Member Apprecitation/ Summer Bash Summers/ YPC
SALES AND SPONSORSHIPS This committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive sales and sponsorship strategy across all Adcraft programs/events, including developing leads and ongoing outreach. Hustek + need others
YOUNG PROFESSIONALS COUNCIL (YPC) Established in 1982 as Adcraft PM, YPC members are ambitious, visionary young leaders who are professionally engaged in some segment of the advertising, marketing, creative, digital or media industries in metropolitan Detroit. They represent the best and brightest in our industry. Through consistent programming, leadership and service opportunities executed on behalf of Adcraft, members will ultimately become more experienced, better connected and community-oriented to help accelerate their careers. YPC activities are overseen by the YPC Chair, a one-year term. Chris Wolin, Rachel Cubba, and Claire Blunk
MARKETING ADVISORY COUNCIL (MAC) Established only a few years ago, the MAC committee is committed to gathering Detroit's key leaders and marketing expertise to help Adcraft expand its horizon on all events, speaker opportunitnies and leadership engagement. Jon Kovalcik, Andrew Robinson, Anthony Winters.

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